About the Artist:

Being someone with a very busy schedule, constantly on the move, I was used to using name brand cosmetics. Until one day when I was on vacation I came across an Indian preserve.

My encounter with the natives was an eye opening one.


Seeing how they only rely on natural sources. It was a life changing experience when I became aware of the fact that I only have one body, and that I should be taking care of it by only using the best that there is.

The only way to make sure that what I am putting on my skin truly is all natural is by making it myself.

By only using the best fruits, herbs and flower that are grown right here on Aruba. 

Being surrounded by my pets, I am with no doubt an animal lover. This is why I am 100% against animal testing.


I started to share my homemade soaps with my loved ones, because of how great they turned out. Not long after, the word of my all natural, homemade soap got around the island and became a popular demand.

Because of the unique fragrance, moisturizing effect and all natural ingredients, more and more people wanted their very own to take home.

So that was when my idea to create a line of bath and body products was born. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to consistently create and offer an incomparable range of exceptional bath and body products using time-honored remedies based on the finest natural ingredients.

  • We wish to encourage an appreciation for the daily ritual of bath by creating an environment that inspires and captures the imagination, through the visual and sensory experience.

  • We want to be the preferred gift our distinguished guest visiting the island will take with them back home.

  • We are inspired by the healing properties of flowers and herbs, with its vital minerals. All our bath products are made with the finest ingredients and are totally natural and biodegradable. No preservatives, no chemicals, no animal testing.