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Naline Heilbron HaBon Aruba

Other factors set Ha'Bon apart; Ha'Bon takes its social impact even further by donating leftover soap to Aruba's soup kitchen, Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad; some of the product packagings features artwork created by special needs individuals; and the brand incorporates Aruba's native language of Papiamento into the product names, the brand name itself a play on the Papiamento word for soap (habon) and good (bon).


We remain "green" while also giving back to the community by reprocessing the remnant of soap and donating them to selective groups on the island.

Naline Heilbron

Aruban native, Naline Heilbron. An eye-opening experience on a South American Indian reservation where the natives relied solely upon natural resources inspired local Naline Heilbron to start making her line of high-quality bath & body products using natural ingredients, incorporating herbs, flowers, fruits, beeswax, and sea salt from Aruba. Her Ha’Bon brand now encompasses handmade and cruelty-free soaps, scrubs, bath soaks, moisturizers, sugar balls, a baby line, candles made out of 100% recycled candle wax.
What truly sets Ha'Bon apart from other bath & body brands on the island is that Naline employs a team of 28 special needs individuals as part of her social business model. These individuals, primarily from Centro Man Na Obra, help make and wrap the products, giving meaning to Ha'Bon's slogan: A company where passionate special people work together to create unique creations. And yet, they're more than just products—they're handcrafted gifts—and as Naline points out, every slightly askew bow or other imperfect decoration is what makes each gift so beautiful and unique.


The increase in demand prompted Ha'Bon Aruba to expand the positive scope by enlisting the service of local foundations such as Centro Man Na Obra to help make and wrap the products. Our notable associates operate with their dedicated job coach Mrs. Rosa.
Today Ha'Bon Aruba consists of persons who are special but creative and clever when given the opportunity.

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