Sugar soap ball

The Sugar Balls are a very unique product, because of the story behind it. The story gives it a little extra specialty. One of Ha’Bon team member, a Young lady with special need had an idea to make soap in the shape of her favorite Aruban snack, the cheese-ball. Naline was delighted with the idea and the creativity that her team member express.

That’s how we started making a ball of soap, covered in sugar topped whit sparkling Joy!!!

Sugar ball is a soap that contains natural ingredients and saponied organic oils. Enriched with coconut oil, olive oil, goatmilk, mangrove extract and frangipani. The sugar is edible and gives it extra sweetness of life topped with edible glitter which represents the sparkles of joy in people’s life.

© 2020 by Ha'Bon handmade in Aruba.

Caya Tararata 11

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